Keeping Others in Line

I felt a strong urge to say something; to “fix” the situation.  Something felt wrong and I wanted to make it right.  Of course, had I said something, I would have seemed like I was a control-freak – or worse, a jerk.  Afterall, in reality, nothing was wrong.

I was standing in line at a coffee shop.  A couple was placing their order at the counter and there was another couple between the counter and myself.  Either the cashier was really slow, or for some people, ordering coffee is an elaborate process which should require a previously scheduled appointment – regardless, it was taking awhile.  Irritating, yes, but that wasn’t the problem. Continue reading

The Power of Grape Soda

grapesodaMost of my powers come from grape soda. Doesn’t really matter if it’s from a can or a bottle, but mom rathers I not have a can. She’s worried I’ll cut my lip on the metal. She doesn’t like blood. Super heroes don’t mind too much about blood.

My friends call me Captain Purple Power. That’s because of my purple cape. I also have purple pants, a white t-shirt with a purple spot, and blue goggles. Mom says blue is ok because it gives me the power to see purple when others see red. It’s complicated.

I can fly. One time when I was flying I Continue reading

The Day God Visited Our School

Rain beat violently on the pavement outside of my second-grade class window.  The sun had been hidden by dark gray clouds the entire morning.  To say this was a downpour would have been an understatement.

This memory from my childhood seems to only serve one purpose: to remind me that God is near, even when he seems far away, or worse; non-existent. Continue reading

Things I Learned From [Nearly] Drowning

Water rushed rapidly around me, under, and it seemed, through me, unhindered by my presence.  I could catch mere gasps of air mixed with water, but only as often as the river allowed me to force my mouth just above its churning surface.

It’s too bad it wasn’t a metaphor.  Metaphors don’t make you wonder how long it takes to black out. Continue reading

Learning to Think

What goes on in my head is a battle that sometimes makes me feel suffocated; sometimes drained of energy.  I like to think creatively.  Unfortunately, my thoughts have no organization.  I’ve always struggled with taking a thought, and writing it, drawing it, or building it – sometimes I can’t even explain it.  You would probably be amazed, if you could only see it – and chances are good that you never will. Continue reading

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